Frank died of cancer.

I didn't do so badly, did I?


What do you want to buy for Pantelis?

We want everything now.

I'm getting advice from him.


When can we see each other again?

We've made a final decision.

Everything around him was blown to pieces, yet he escaped without a scratch.

Don't let me be misunderstood.

Everything happened at the same time.

I just want to find Will.

I think Ira doesn't know how to swim.

George III has been unfairly maligned by historians.

I think you're a very attractive woman.

Don't you think you're being a little hard on Charley?

I just saw something moving.

Rebecca and Kamel are getting hot and heavy.

Who's next?

No financial details were disclosed.

You should take your car to Kylo's Garage. He does a pretty good job.

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Hunter had no reason to be angry.


They're barely paid minimum wage.

That's how I do everything.

I don't know yet what we'll do.

The countryside is quieter than the city.

I lent Miltos a book about Germany.

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Do you think Magnus had something to hide?

We'll see each other next week.

Lori makes up stories all the time.

My aunt looks young.

The teacher is busy looking over the examination papers.


I can see why that's hard to resist.

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What will you do with the body, my lord?

I can't imagine what you're going through.

Would you like to see Chip?

Try your phone.

I don't take offence at your comments, but really, there was no call to make rude remarks. Let's all be kind and assume good will.

I cannot approve of the plan, seeing that it costs too much.

I think they know you.

Deirdre is a professional musician.

Blood and violence fascinate them.

We were doing fine.

Pierette was almost right.


Bring your sister next time.

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You have more energy than I do.

We have changed.

Don't take Thierry too seriously.

All Sadako could do now was to make paper cranes and hope for a miracle.

A girl with blonde hair came to see you.

I knew we couldn't trust you.

Routine exercise is great for your health.


The committee was split over the project.

Jakob is by far the smartest kid in our class.

I know you're just trying to help, and I appreciate that.

Just look at that female over there.

The old bear is fast asleep.

She chatted with me while drinking her tea.

I couldn't find out anything.

We kind of expected this to happen.

There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time.

A connection between personality and blood type has not been scientifically proven.

You don't seem so busy.

Do you have a table in the patio?

I will keep the fish alive.

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Has anyone here in the classroom heard about Norman Finkelstein?


Jayesh made many mistakes.

I think this is a nice place.

Everything's fine.

I reached my destination in a week.

I'm going back home tomorrow.

Who do you think is the best French speaker here?

They want more money.

Natraj is probably over thirty.

The dew fell this morning.

He wants me to help him.

Flexible work hours make employees more productive.

There is something inherently fascinating about science. Such a tiny investment in facts yields such a high return in predictions.

Did you notice anything strange?

Please stay at my house tonight.

His breath reeks of alcohol.


We were attacked by swarms of bees.

Oleg doesn't drink coffee.

It's such a waste.


We know Allan did it.

Who were the members of The Beatles?

Bernie got up at six almost every day.


Jussi was in a car accident.

She made the first move.

I heard you last night, Beverly.


Vernon and Allen clicked from the moment they first met.

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Do you ever have to work on Sundays?

You're confusing him.

Don't you remember him?

Don't be stingy with the tip.

Could you just sign right here, please?


It's a pity we can't get Donn to help us.


I had scarcely gone out before the phone rang.

I'm looking for answers.

Rosa has been a secretary for many years.


He is about to leave for London.

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I'll have to take that question on notice.

Let's all give him a hand.

When the band took the stage, the crowd went wild.

I don't know when mom is coming home.

This is a code lock type that you can use on the entranceway as well.

I'm sure Jarmo's having a great time.

If you'd told me about it earlier, I could've been free. However, tomorrow I have plans to go back home.

Elementary school children go to school for a term of six years.

We translated the novel from Japanese to English.

He was beside himself with excitement.

Suddenly Root began to cry.

I can't think of a single reason why we shouldn't go there now.

Now tell us what we want to know.

You've taken everything.

Are you turning red?

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I practice the piano when I'm bored.

I was very busy this week.

What's the minimum wage in Australia?

Why do you want to rendezvous with people who are always angry?

Bill never fails to send a birthday present to his mother.

I completely agree.

Life will never be the same again.

Would a postponement help?

Go fuck yourself!

We've done it many times before.

Even though Sriram is sick, he plans to get his homework finished on time.

It's an old Irish tradition.

Please come again.

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With whom am I speaking?


I burned my forefinger on fire tongs.


I want to see Mark so bad.


Can we have a talk?


I'm absolutely certain you will not be refused.


I hate everything about you.


Let's not have any more foolishness.

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I love the way you surprise me.

The girl got distracted and lost sight of her parents.

An octopus inks away when in fright.

I don't usually buy secondhand things.

That was the easy part.

I met him at the library.

I let Johann borrow my wrenches to fix his car.

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How was your date with Kamel last night?

I am aiming at that duck.

Give her a hand, will you?

Have her call me.

She doesn't remember if his car was yellow or not.

Is there any bank nearby?

There's no damage.


A caged cricket eats just as much as a free cricket.

Two glasses of orange juice, please.

I stayed at home all day instead of going to work.

Is friendship more important than love?

You really should stay.


Rajesh is used to traveling.


Hawaii is an earthly paradise.

Raghu plays tennis after school almost every day.

Lori is in danger.

I haven't cut down the plum tree yet.

Does faith healing work?

Why did Roland have to come back?

He's suffering from acute pain in his life.

Maintaining that tie is important.

Jeany used to beat her kids.

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I'll return home tomorrow.